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Since our inception, Summer 2011, we have held true to our mission statement. This year, we will be approaching our statement differently in order to make sure that our organization will reach you more effectively.

We believe that in the past three years of existence we have not only been able to live up to our mission statement but have also accepted the challenge to re-evaluate our program, understand what our community needs, and through that, continually strive for “Zots Worth Spreading.”

We were founded upon the belief that sharing knowledge across the UC Irvine campus will inspire action throughout the community; this year, you will see more of us, hear our name whispered across campus, and the X all over Ring Road. We hope these efforts will help you think, inspire you, and give you the confidence to create.

This year, you will see us collaborate with other organizations, furthering our knowledge and peaking your own. TEDxUCIrvine was, is, and will always be a place of collaboration where individuals of all backgrounds and disciplines can come together, learn, and self reflect as a global citizen. We challenge you to open up your mind and think a little different and we invite you to discover what the X is for yourself.