TEDxUCIrvine | Michael Brainard
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Michael Brainard (MA, MS, PhD) brings over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, senior executive, executive coach, manager, entrepreneur and researcher. His diverse educational background enables a unique understanding of psychological principles and positions him to facilitate growth in other business leaders. As a management consultant, Michael has designed and conducted process re-engineering and re-structuring, organizational assessments, leadership development initiatives, performance management systems, change management processes, and a variety of strategic planning initiatives. Through his confidential work with executives, Michael has become known for his ability to motivate and energize leaders, identify potential areas of opportunity, and take action to facilitate growth for his clients, including Beckman Coulter, Apple, and the Irvine Company to name a few. As a researcher, he has contributed to publications and presented his research findings on performance appraisal systems, telecommuting, and leadership development at various professional organizations. With experience in leadership roles across many areas of expertise, Michael has given keynote talks to such groups as the Association for Corporate Growth, PIHRA, SHRM, PCMA, OCEMA amongst others.

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